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Remodeling construction is a big decision whether it’s finishing a basement, a house renovation or superior kitchen and bath design. When you’re renovating your home you want to be dealing with the best St. Louis construction companies.

There is no shortage of Saint Louis home builders who do home remodeling. The challenge for the home owner is how to pick the right home remodeling company to do your project.

O’Fallon Remodeling Pros is a remodeling construction company with home renovation expertise in St. Louis, MO. We are the remodeling construction company that you can trust for your renovation project in O’Fallon, MO.

Though we are experienced in a many types of residential construction projects we specialize in finished basements, home remodeling and kitchen and baths. By focusing on three things, we have specialized expertise that you will find invaluable in both design and construction of your project.

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Finished Basements O'Fallon Missouri

One question you should be asking when taking on a home renovation project is “who’s looking out for me?’”

It’s a fair and important question. O’Fallon Remodeling Pros is the St. Louis residential construction contractor who will look out for and protect your interest from concept to completion. We will be you most valuable partner to make sure you get a remodel that you not only absolutely love, but that is within a budget that works for you.

Basement Finishing O’Fallon, MO

We have to be honest, we love finished basement projects. We find them fun and love doing them.

Few remodeling projects offer the ability to create a space that is absolutely off the chart while not breaking the bank.

Our passion for finishing basements is your gain. Our experience, knowledge and expertise in basement remodeling will be your greatest resource to assure a project that is off the hook.

Whether you have a crystal clear vision of exactly what you want or just some vague notions, we will be your biggest ally developing an affordable basement design that incorporates all the features you want.

O’Fallon Remodeling Pros excels at giving you a finished basemen that rocks, on time and within your budget.

The possibilities when remodeling a basement is mind boggling. You can do a no holds bar lower level that will blow your friends and family away of a practical finish basement design that gives you exceptional added living space.

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Our job is to use our expertise and know-how in finished basement design, finishes, features, uses, options, etc. to give you a basement you will love to show off. The bottom line is you don’t know what you don’t know. When you partner with us on your basement remodel we will fill in those gaps so you will be able to make well informed decisions.

During our initial consultations we will be getting a feel how you intend to use your basement and any specific features you may want. Like a basement wet bar or dry bar, home theater, basement kitchen, bath, game room, personal wine cellar and so forth.

As we explore you wants and desires we can start some rough budgeting. What a lot of people don’t realize is the finished basement design phase is where you save money.

Your total basement finishing cost will be driven by the finished basement design. This is where we shine. Our team’s extensive knowledge of construction and basement finish costs will allow us to alert you when budget busters are proposed.

Only when you understand the cost attached to some specific features and finishes can you make informed decisions as to how important/valuable that finish or feature is. You may decide that St. Louis granite counter tops are not in the budget or that quartz counter tops are more what you are looking for.

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It’s far too easy to look at a bunch of high end finishes during your finished basement design phase and say, “oh we have to have that.” But if you don’t have someone watching your back, and telling you the price tag associated with the items, the hard reality hits you too late.

You have a finished basement design that costs more than your house. You end up blowing cash on finished basement design you’ll never build out.

That is why you want O’Fallon Remodeling Pros on your team first. We are the ones who will look out for you and protect you from budget creep and overly costly design features.

We are the remodeling contractor in St. Louis who has your best interest at heart.

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Home renovations can be frightening. In fact they can be total and complete horror show if you don’t’ partner with a home renovation St. Louis expert.

There are the obvious problems that are far too common with a lot of construction remodeling services. You’ve probably heard some of the horror stories from people who say a low price and thought they were getting a “good deal” only to have sleepless nights, nervous stomachs and mounting legal fees.

Bottom line, if you have a really low price, there’s a reason and that reason is not good. You might have a “change order artist” who is going to endlessly hammer you with additional costs running up the total home remodeling costs well above your budget.

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The problem is, when you house is all torn apart you are basically at the mercy of contractor. You bite the bullet and start paying for the changes but soon it become obvious these change orders are never going to end.

The truth is that every home remodel is going to have some changes. By their nature house renovations have unknown factors that no one could have anticipated. Though not welcomed, these are legit costs that should be paid.

The difference is that a “change order artists” purposely gives you a low price with a vague scope of work. This gives them legal wiggle room to start nickel and diming you to death. Sure you can sue them but the odds are in their favor. They gave you a scope of work, you agreed to it and now their things outside of that scope. Maybe you verbally talked about them but they just didn’t make it on paper.

Don’t be a victim of these tactics. Choose O’Fallon Remodeling Pros to lead your team and watch your back.

We are committed to being your advocate, protecting you and keep your best interest at heart from concept to completion.

Superior Kitchen And Bath Remodeling 

Do you have pink Formica and avocado green appliances? Okay, retro can be cool, like Rachel Ray’s kitchen but often it’s just plain ugly.

No rooms make statements like kitchen and baths. What kind of statement is yours making? Do they truly reflect your status as does it look like a discount kitchen that was designed by a clerk at Home Depot?

O’Fallon Remodeling Pros is the best at kitchen and bath remodeling in St. Louis, MO. We know how to give you WOW on a budget.

Just image how it would be to have your friends and family blown away by a signature kitchen that speaks to your true status. We know how to give you superior kitchen and baths that rock.

Always keeping your best interest in the fore front, we will take you through the process from initial concept and design through your kitchen and bath construction.

When it comes to St. Louis Kitchen and bath design and renovation, O’Fallon Remodeling Pros is the best. Call us today for free consultation to get the kitchen and baths of your dreams.

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